Happy New Year from PRO8000!

It's 2017! Can you believe it?

There are so many ways to measure a year (cue the title song from "Rent", the musical). 

Some of our favorite benchmarks include distance rode (approximately 5,500 miles), feet climbed (remember that time we went over the Canadian Rockies?), ice creams tasted (too many to count), and peanut butter jars resentfully eaten (equally infinite).

But more memorably, there are hosted cities and towns, innumerable majestic landscapes, postcards received and sent and some mail lost to the ages (re: sorry Greg), bellies full of laughter, new and unexpected friendships (re: WE LOVE AUSTRALIA), saddle sores, record-breaking armpit hair lengths, and just really awful farts.

To every family member, friend, host, and stranger who has helped make this journey possible, THANK YOU. We're departing from El Paso this week with our eyes set on Florida arriving in early Spring.

But our favorite statistic of this year is the number zero. That's the number of car-cycling collisions that our group has faced.

The number zero is worth mentioning in an election year beset with mind-numbing statistics. To us, it's the best number. Our favorite number.

We know every family deserves to have their loved ones leave and return safely be it on foot, by bike, or in a car. And that's what we dedicated the greater part of 2016 fighting for: safer roads and zero distracted driving. Nada. Zilch.

We've done our part by riding safely with reflective safety triangles, day-visible lights, hand signals, informed route planning, and zero-distraction cycling. That means no headphones, never riding two abreast, and hitching a ride rather than pushing it when conditions aren't the absolute best. And as you've read in previous blog posts, we're pretty creative when we're in a pinch (re: Tinder, UHaul, Megan's grandma's van, etc.)

However, the reality is that safe biking depends far more on drivers than cyclists themselves.

So as you draft your list of resolutions, consider the ones that really matter.

Here at PRO8000, we hope you'll succeed at that diet (peanut butter is a complete protein) and exercise more often (hint: we recommend biking!), but how about we hold each other accountable to something that's higher than ourselves?

Make 2017 the year you never use your cell phone while driving. Let your friends navigate, download the playlist beforehand, pull over to answer that important call.

Because every family deserves the number zero.

-Rachel, Suzette, Abbie, Blythe, Eric, Greg, & Megan