Why Not?

In Whitehorse, we drank some fancy drinks-- the kind in tall glasses with fresh fruit and liquor from a high shelf. Our amazing host Sean insisted that he buy them for us, and when we resisted him extending his generosity onto us even more, he countered with a question: why not? 

Why not? 

We sipped on the drinks happily, our buzzes making Whitehorse seem even more like paradise, and I've been reflecting on that question ever since. 

Rachel, Megan and I arrived into Whitehorse half-delirious. We decided to combine the two day ride there into one (why not?), resulting in a 100 miles of loaded, hilly riding. Greg hitched a ride with Sean and his lovely family in Haines Junction because of bike mechanical issues, so he was waiting for us in town. We assumed we'd stealth camp somewhere, but once we turned our phones on in town, Greg delivered great news: the family he'd hitched with offered to host all of us! 

We were greeted with smiles and hot showers, and each moment in Whitehorse kept getting better. We played with the family's adorable seven- and nine-year-olds, who taught us lessons about Canadian geography and demonstrated how to leash a cat. We were interviewed by Dave White, and became a little bit Yukon famous by having our voices broadcasted on rush-hour radio. We replaced our chains at Icycle Bike Shop, where the mechanics generously donated their time. We ate dinner and laughed for hours with friends of the family, who shared stories about their years teaching which made all of us want to apply for education jobs in Yukon. We grocery shopped, made granola bars, slept in real beds, and met person after person who continued to amaze us. 

None of us wanted to leave Whitehorse. Rain drizzled and wind blew and temperature dropped as if to tempt us to stay longer. But, the road beaconed. We knew it'd be hard, but Sean's voice echoed in my head again: why not?