It's Not an Adventure Until...

"It's not an adventure until something goes wrong" -Yvon Chouinard

For New Years Eve 2012, Patrick and I spontaneously decided to leave our Grandmother's small Dutch town for Amsterdam. Our family had traveled to the Netherlands to say goodbye to my lovely Grandma Betty (after 90-some adventurous years, she knew her death was imminent), so after a fairly emotionally draining few days, we figured we'd let loose in the big city. 

Of course, we departed with exactly zero plans. We had no suitable coats, no cellphones, no hostel reservations, no idea of how to spend our hours. We were armed, however, with a bubbling sense of adventure. 

After excitedly jumping around the crowded train and bursting out into the city, our excitement began to wane. There was little to be done at 6pm, the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank house we'd hoped to visit were of course closed. So we sauntered into a sex museum awkwardly, wandered around the Red Light District, and drank overpriced Heinekens. We watched a free and unmistakably terrible ABBA cover band perform "Waterloo." By 1am our Miamian selves began to succumb to the cold, and we walked to the train station to catch a ride back.

But, none were running until 8am. We were freezing, stuck, and listless. 

 We tried to sleep inside the train station. A cop threw us out. We tried to sleep right outside the train station. Another cop threw us out. We wandered through the streets half delirious, the hangover and time difference really kicking in. It started to rain. An aggressively drunk Belgian kissed me. I vaguely remember Patrick losing something. We really, really had to pee. 

Our trip was undeniably a failure. But goodness, was it an adventure.  

While I hope that PRO8000 is far more successful of a trip, we acknowledge that it will be an adventure; we accept that things will go wrong. Already a few have.

Greg's bike box arrived in dreadful shape, with the cardboard ripped open and parts missing. I found out I have two cavities, and am frantically trying to get an appointment to fill them. Megan's wheels decided to spontaneously combust, requiring a hub replacement and a lot of labor. Rachel took a tasteful fall from a late clip out, and is dealing with the struggle of saddle sores.

And by far most frusteratingly, the Canadian Postal Service has gone on strike, making restocking near impossible.

Things are going wrong. So, the adventure begins.