RollerFrisbee and Readiness

Patrick arrived back home from his freshman year of college the day before my big AP World History exam. I'd studied for that exam more than anything I had in my short 14 years (and honestly, probably more than I have in 21 years as well), so the afternoon before the test I decided to close my books and spend time with Patrick.

After along bout of Tibetan Scream Singing—an ordeal where Patrick and I would excitedly scream as loud as we could and would validate our noisiness as a sacred Buddhist practice—we decided to embark on a new debacle.  We'd since mastered frisbee throwing and roller skating together, so concluded logically that we should combine the two activities. 

We strapped on our skates. We dusted off our frisbee. We hit the road.

Timing throws was near impossible with our rapid speed, dodging cars provoked constant stops, and our relentlessness desire to catch at all costs yielded some skinned knees. 

We were totally immersed in the game until a particularly reckless catch, and with a sudden wave of clarity, Patrick voiced legitimate concern: "Kiddo, if you break your arm or something, you won't be able to take that test tomorrow." 

My eyes widened—of course. If one small thing went wrong, all of the hundreds of hours of intensity and focus and effort would be for naught. 

Today I feel that same sense foreboding. While it is certainly not the night before departure, we are still so deep into our training and preparation that I feel this looming fear that having a bike stolen or a bone break will make everything for naught. Sometimes I'm afraid to lock my bike outside or train during trafficky times to avoid any pre-trip risk. Rachel and I are assembling our bikes tonight, and we've both suggested never taking our bikes off trainers til the big ride only semi-jokingly. 

Patrick and I sat on a curb for a few minutes, push passing the disc a few feet while we contemplated continuing our rollerfrisbee game. Then, he hucked it down the street. I raced after it and I understood. We were going to keep playing. 

We're leaving on a long ride in a few short months. And until then, we're going to keep riding.