Why Deadhorse, Why Key West

Patrick sported a fluffy white boy afro for most of his life. It was a remarkable mop of curls, one that helped define his identity from around ages 13 to 22. But, a few days before starting his teaching career, he chopped it all off. 

He announced his hair rebirth on Facebook. A friend commented: "So, what prompted the hair change?"

"I wanted a clear break between who I was and who I want to be!" he said. "Also, I'm dramatic and this is a dramatic change."

So why the ride? It is a clear break between who I am (a bubbling mess who's often too grief-stricken to function) to who want to be (someone empowered by the love and bravery of her brother who lives out his values each day).

 So why Deadhorse to Key West? Quite frankly, because it's dramatic. 

Deadhorse is the Northernmost paved point in America. Key West is the Southernmost. Every mile in between will be almost as dramatic as Patrick's hair chop.