Every Day is Leg Day

We pride ourselves on our athletic achievement-- it's pretty awesome to have traversed half the continent with our quad muscles-- but, none of us would consider ourselves "serious athletes". Our fitness is isolated, our speeds are usually slow. But, we are proud to announce our newest sponsor: Crossfit! 

Crossfit? We expressed equal surprise. Few of us had ever lifted weights, let alone survived a 60 minute speed-lifting Crossfit class. But, when we met Crossfit's founder, Greg Glassman, serendipitously in Monterey County, we learned our values aligned more with the organization that we'd previously thought. Crossfit emphasizes the power of physical challenges and the mental fortitude that comes with surmounting them. On PRO8000, we follow a similar philosophy.  

Our most physically challenging day was not just because of the 72 mile distance or 5,000 feet of climbing or pouring rain, but because of the time constraint. Winter touring has caused us to constantly race for daylight, and this day into Fort Bragg epitomized that struggle. We had to book it  if we'd have any hope of making it in before nightfall. The miles were wet and grueling. I craved the comfort of an indoor location, and passing gas stations was particularly trying as we shivered and sweated simultaneously. We pounded up hills as the rain pounded down. It sure wasn't a Crossfit class, but the mental endurance test of having your mind push your body when it no longer wants to go sure felt similar. 

We're so grateful for Crossfit's support, and are stoked to have another major company assert their intolerance for distracted driving.