Re-entering Civilization

For our first 2500 miles, there are a few things we ceased to consider. Days of the week, directions on roads, locks on our bikes-- all floated to the back of our consciousnesses while we focused upon food rations and bear-proofing. Now we are back in civilization, and our priorities are shifting. 

We've explored some pretty epic cities in the past week: Whistler, Vancouver and Bellingham. In Whistler, we explored the bougie ski-village downtown where Megan bought an overpriced lululemon sports bra. In Vancouver, we borrowed some non-spandex clothes from our hosts to go dancing. In Bellingham, we drank too much craft beer. It has felt like a sensory-overload. Our cell phones buzz with their newfound service, strangers surround us all the time. For two months, I craved this excitement. But now that I'm here, it's admittedly overwhelming. 

Reaching the Pacific Northwest marks a major shift in our trip. We gained a new team member in Whistler (Hi Abbie!) and are gaining another in Portland (Hi Blythe!), and we're finally encountering major metropolitan areas that bring with them both stressful rides and relaxing time with old friends.