Patrick Wanninkhof lived for adventure, for bicycles, for social justice. While on a charity cross-country cycling trip in summer 2015, he was killed by a distracted driver.

This ride is a celebration of his life.

We're riding our bicycles 8000 miles from Deadhorse, Alaska to Key West, Florida. The ride serves a few purposes: to fundraise for his upcoming learn-to-bicycle nonprofit, to share stories of his life, and to grieve. It's exactly the adventure Patrick would have embarked on. So, join us. Whether on your bike for a few hours of riding, at your house to host us, or simply to spread the word, we would love for you too to Ride On.


Part-time Riders


We're seeking hosts in the towns that we'll be visiting! If you (or anyone you even vaguely know) lives in these towns, please email us at We'd love to crash on your floor, join you for a meal, or even just ride a few miles with you. We'll be departing in late July and arriving in mid March, to give you an idea of timing. 

Towns marked "-secured!" mean that we've already found a place to sleep, but we'd still love to hang out with you!

Deadhorse, AK
Last Chance Wayside, AK
Galbraith Lake, AK
Wisemen, AK
Arctic Circle Sign, AK
Yukon River Camp, AK
Livengood, AK
Fairbanks, AK - secured!
Birch Lake State Rec Site, AK
Deltana, AK
Tok, AK - secured!
Northway Junction, AK

Beaver Creek, YT
Burwash Landing, YT
Haines Junction/Pine Lake, YT
Whitehorse, YT
Teslin Lake, YT
Rancheria, YT
Watson Lake, YT

 Muncho Lake, BC
Summit Lake, BC
Fort Nelson, BC
Prophet River, BC
Pink Mountain, BC
Fort Saint John, BC
Dawson Creek, BC
Chetwynd, BC - secured!
Mackenzie Junction, BC
Prince George, BC
Quesnel, BC - secured!
Williams Lake, BC
Clinton, BC
Lillooet, BC
Whistler, BC
Vancouver, BC - secured!

Bellingham, WA - secured!
Port Townsend, WA
Bremerton, WA - secured!
Seattle, WA - secured!
Elma, WA - secured! 
Castle Rock, WA - secured!

Portland, OR - secured!
Salem, OR - secured! 
Sieltz, OR - secured! 
Florence, OR
Bandon, OR - secured!
Gold Beach, OR

Cresent City, CA - secured!
Arcata, CA - secured! 
Eureka, CA - secured!
Humbolt Redwoods State Park, CA
Fort Bragg, CA - secured! 
Redwood Valley, CA
Clear Lake, CA
Davis, CA - secured!
Napa, CA
Point Reyes, CA
San Francisco, CA - secured!
Palo Alto, CA - secured!
Santa Cruz, CA - secured!
Big Sur, CA - secured!
Ragged Point, CA
San Luis Obispo, CA - secured!
Santa Barbara, CA - secured!

Malibu, CA - secured!
Los Angeles, CA - secured!
San Clemente, CA
San Diego, CA - secured!
Jacumba, CA
Brawley, CA
Blythe, CA

Salome, AZ
Wickenburg, AZ
Phoenix, AZ - secured!
Globe, AZ
Safford, AZ - secured!

Buckhorn, NM
Silver City, NM - secured!
Hillsboro, NM
Las Cruces, NM - secured!

El Paso, TX - secured!
Fort Hancock, TX
Van Horn, TX
Kent, TX
Fort Davis, TX
Marathon, TX
Sanderson, TX
Langtry, TX
Del Rio, TX
Uvalde, TX - secured!
Bandera, TX - secured!
San Antonio, TX - secured!
San Marcos, TX
Austin, TX - secured!
College Station, TX - secured!
Klein, TX - secured!
Beach City, TX
Beaumont, TX

Holly Beach, LA
Lake Charles, LA - secured! 
Lafayette, LA - secured!
Morgan City, LA
Des Allemands, LA
New Orleans, LA - secured!

Pearlington, MS
Biloxi, MS - secured!

Mobile, AL - secured! 

Pensacola, FL - secured!
Defuniak Springs, FL - secured!
Marianna, FL
Tallahassee, FL
Perry, FL
Manatee Springs, FL
Gainesville, FL - secured!
Crystal River, FL
New Port Richie, FL - secured!
Sarasota, FL - secured!
Cape Coral, FL - secured!
Ochopee, FL
Key Biscayne, FL - secured! 
Key Largo, FL
Big Pine Key, FL - secured!
Key West, FL
*due to the unpredictability inherent in bike touring,
these places may be subject to change!






We're seeking hosts in each of the places we're staying. If you'd like to host and have questions, please read below!

What does hosting entail?

Hosting can be as involved or low key as you'd like. It would entail letting a few jubilant and sweaty cyclists sleep on your floor, use your shower, and hopefully share a meal. If you want to hang out and share stories, awesome! If your schedule is tight, we're equally as happy keeping to ourselves. We have our own sleeping pads and sleeping bags, so couch or bed space is not needed. We usually arrive in the afternoon (between 2 and 6pm, depending on the day's mileage) and leave early the next morning. We'd love for you to provide us with dinner  (we can help in the kitchen!) and hook us up with some cereal in the morning. 

How can I become a host?

Just shoot us a quick email at We'll work out the details with you there! 

How long would I be hosting you guys?

Usually just one night. However, we won't know the exact day until a few weeks beforethere's a lot of uncertainty on the road. When we get in touch, we'll give you a range of a few days we're expected to arrive and will follow up once we have a more exact date. 

What's the time commitment like for the night I host? 

As much as you'd like it to be. We're content to set up tents in your backyard if you're out of town, but would love to talk over dinner with you. Maybe two hours in the evening and likely none in the morning, since we'll likely be awake long before you'll want to be!

I don't have a place for ya'll to stay. What else can I do?

So many other possibilities! You could join us for a ride, send a care package, recommend a host for us (if you know anyone in the 100+ places we're stopping), or donate to our trip supplies or Patrick's learn-to-ride nonprofit.

I once met some person from XYZ place on your route but don't know him/her well.  Would it be weird to set you up?

Not at all! Just email us his or her name and anything else you remember about that person, and we'll find away to get in touch. Seriously, we'd love to stay with your cousin's high school teacher's nephew in central Alaska. 

Thank yous

This trip is only possible because of the incredible generosity of our hosts, donors and sponsors. A heartfelt thanks to:

Brittany Bennett | Michele Lis | Madeline Templeton | Joseph Flauta | Sam Garfield | Veronica Virgin | Doug Geiger | Dan Oates | Annie Thompson
Emy Rodriguez | Musacchia Musacchia | Steph Foster | Lizandro Castro | Alex Trabolsi | Betty Huss | Sara Rosenband | Alex Romanach | Emily Hyman
Ahmed Kabil | John Fraser | Ellen Dunn | Kassie Mccleery | Lenny Luckman | Pat Hayes | Libby Gutschenritter | Barbara Luoma | Marlee Henninge
Sean Hood | Joan Parks | Grace Galvin | Tyler Roberts | Leila Moharram | Jeffrey Galvin | Jamuna Samuel | Christine Knooren | Ryan Bosch | Nicole Cuervo
Natalie Martinez | Brenna Lien | Allyson Buck | Michael Searing | Sarah Ellis | Kelley Dziedzic | Betta Diorio | Bettina Wanninkhof | Jacob Reeder| Oliver Torres
Maddi Cowen | Mary Wurzelmann | Nicholas Starkey | Langston MacDiarmid | Koehnk Family | Kyle Jones | Manue & Shad Reynolds | June Afshar | Rod Harper
Ana Suarez | Amy Gutschenritter | Ai Nishino | Sandra Maria | Diana Van Wyk | Veena B | Hannah Rash | Rachel Cochran | Janelle Nix | Curry Family | Genna Sperling
Nicole Nelson | Kate Keator | Camille Hesterberg | Dean & Charlotte Hesterberg | Lauren Schrimmer | Nikolai Hesterberg | Jennifer Garfield | Marcy Kwiatkowski
Leticia Barbero | Katie Nichols | Isabel Zucker | Shelley Ross | Kunal Garg | Kathleen Sequeira | Heidi Beris | John Sanchez | Adam Raveret | Nick Moreno | Foxx Family
Geiger-Carter Generosity Force | Jed Gunn | Eugene Cain | Marianna Daly | Zach Subar | Judith Gray | Joan Parks | Claire Collins | Liz Garrity  | Larissa Weinstein |
Erol Dannon | KF Sullivan | Gilda Sedgh | Talia Marcus | Andrea Nevil | Lauren Keith | Melanie Helfman-Pelle | Nathan Brooks | Skip Fossett | Priya Ramchandra
Christianne Biggane | Emily McLane | Sophie Erhardt | Abbie Gregory | Megan Sieprawski | Dan Rolotti | Janna Pelle | Nina Lish | Ellen Curry | Rogelio Ayllon | 
Doug Wiebe | Josh Micley | Jayant Mukhopadhaya | Maya Afilalo | Jon Updike | Jason Sanmiya | Thomas Reid | Katherine Savarese | Celia Almeida | Emily Northrop
Zee Granados | Michael Boothby | Jeanne Regan | Ranisha Singh | Susan Appel | Kathy Keith | Jane Stuart | Sven Gorr | Marcie Horowitz | Rebecca Shionia | Mary Gartland
Sara Janakas | Dan Kaminsky | La Prima Casa Montessori | Angela Ciocca | Fernanda Holslag at Halo Headband | Chris Malcolm | Simone Leiro | Leah Mosier | Brad Collins |
Tammy Miller | Karen Fitzgibbons | Kate Weigel | Sam Polcer | James Young | Tom Carmine | Shawn Salehi | Carlin Hanzas | Jason Dilts | CrossFit Inc | Jerry Bourne | 
Sue Williams-Judge | Joan Parks | Judy Dziedzic | Sam Kent

Say Hello!

Send us an email! Let's talk hosting, advocacy against distracted driving, sponsorship, or fun bike memes: patrickrideson [at]

Send us a package! PRO8000 would love to receive mail, such as letters and re-supply packages from friends, family, and supporters! Because we are a self-supported tour, please review the list below before sending mail, especially larger items. Click below for instructions: